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Chemistry Matters, led by Dr. Court Sandau, PhD, P. Chem and a team of scientific professionals provides services and expertise to help solve complex environmental and geochemistry challenges.

Working with a diverse range of clients such as Cenovus Energy Inc, Plains Midscream LLC, Baytex Energy Inc., Black and Decker and other large and small companies, Chemistry Matters provides expert witness services, regulator and public communication services and innovative geochemical technical support.

From the field work to the court room, Chemistry Matters offers years of relevant scientific expertise in sampling design, specialty sampling or customized sampling procedures, statistical data interpretation, and concise reporting for successful investigations which protect our clients liability and provide scientifically defensible conclusions.

If you need help with identifying and solving complex environmental or geochemical liability issues get in touch with us so we can help you make environmental data meaningful.

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Recent Project

Video | Abandoned Leaking Well

Chemistry Matters was retained to determine if the well was leaking, and if it was leaking, to determine which formation the gas was coming from. Using isotopic analysis of the gases, we determined which geological formation the gas was coming from allowing the client to re-enter and seal the well for good. Our geoforensics services help you identify if you have a problem and which formation the problem is occurring in.

Our Core Services

Environmental Forensics Investigations

Environmental forensics uses multiple fields of science to determine source and timing of chemical releases in the environment. Environmental forensics is complex, requiring multidisciplinary expertise to clarify sources or timing of contaminant releases.

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We provide the expertise to design reliable sampling strategies, conduct field sampling programs, interpret and statistical analyze chemical results to assess environmental impacts, as well as wildlife and human exposure to contaminants. Control/reference samples are imperative for a successful monitoring program.

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Geoforensic Investigations

Chemistry Matters offers collection services, analysis, and characterization of gases and liquids from the subsurface to solve issues of gas migration, soil gas migration, liquid vent flows and for characterizing oil and gas bearing zones.

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“Dr. Court Sandau and the other Chemistry Matters professionals provide ‎an unmatched technical consulting service. Beginning with the development of a well thought out and science based work scope, ‎Chemistry Matters provides insightful data analysis and data presentation that illuminates the material aspects and eliminates the noise.

Dr. Sandau’s guidance was particularly helpful on a high profile multi media (water, sediment and tissue) PAH problem. His data analysis and data presentation brought clarity and simplified a complex problem.

I look forward to the next opportunity to engage the services of Dr. Sandau and the other Chemistry Matters professionals.”Tom KnapikManager, Environment & Compliance, Plains Midstream Canada

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Chemistry Matters has real world experience with the multiple chemicals associated with your potential challenges. When we say real world, we mean that we have measured, sampled, and interpreted these compounds in our projects previously. The scientists with the experience are the ones that will be working on your project.